CEO Yu Weizhou Attends the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony of the Solar Cell Project of 龙头彩票下载 in the US State of Ohio

On the afternoon of May 6 according to the local time, the CEO Yu Weizhou attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the solar cell project of 龙头彩票下载 in the US State of Ohio.

Mr. Yu said at the ribbon-cutting ceremony that “we are so happy to have the opportunity to participate in this project. 4.3MW solar power plant and 7MW energy storage systemswhich represents the largest solar cell project in the US. As a municipal utility project, we hope this project will continuously benefit the local community in its future operation”.

The project is a milestone for combining solar power and energy storage in municipal utilities”. The local executive officer said that “the combination of solar energy and energy storage will ensure economical, reliable and sustainable electric power supply for the local residents and businesses”.

The solar + storage facility is located in Minster, Ohio, and S&C Electric Company provides energy storage integration, EPC (engineering consultancy, design, procurement and construction), and O&M (Operation and Maintenance) services for the facility. The facility can not only provide frequency modulation to maintain a grid frequency of 60 Hz but also enhance the operation efficiency of solar power generation. Currently, the local government can save about US$350,000 of power transmission and distribution costs through the energy storage system at the same time shave peak demand and improve power quality. In addition, the solar + storage facility also provides frequency modulation service to PJM, an independent power system operator in the US, delivering more reliable and high-quality electricity for more than 60 million households within the operation area of PJM.